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Writing for 2/2/2009

I wrote an article about Counter Strike for the GGL Wire, a branch of the Global Gaming League (, a site dedicated to competitive gaming.
"Is Counter-Strike dead? It’s an interesting question, with many potential responses depending on your gaming identity. One of the largest English-language Counter-Strike coverage sites canned its major staff and scaled back coverage of (at one point) the world’s most popular first person shooter. . ."
You can check out the rest of it here. They asked me to find out of Counter Strike was dead, so I took a trip down editorial road. This is my first (of many) pieces coming up for GGL, and my first work for them since December 2007. I look forward to doing more work with them in the future.

Next piece is supposed to be about the new World of Warcraft arena rating system (bleh). If you have a topic you'd like to see a future piece on feel free to toss me an email at

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